Our show is an improvised one, different each time. It lasts for about one hour and comprises three different stories. It all begins with us sharing some of our personal thoughts, triggered by an audience suggestion. We take the first suggestion we hear – we’ve started, for instance, from words like “coffee”, “sofa”, “planets” or “significant other”, and we ended up with scenes about teenagers going across social class barriers, about space exploration, about peasants yearning for fame, or about people stuck between four walls for their own fear of living.

We’ve performed „A couple of everything” on the wooden stage of a tea house, in one of the newest independent theatres in Bucharest, in an inter-war house with thirty gorgeous chairs, all distinct and stylish, as well as on the Bucharest National Theatre stage during !MPRO – the National Improv Festival 2015, or in Tallinn, Estonia, in a modern theatre located in a former factory, during TILT – the International Improv Festival 2015.

We are open to all opportunities of continuing to explore the world, stage by stage.




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