Both Axel and Monica have been teaching, since 2010, personal development classes through improv, both for amateurs and for improvisers. Whether they want to explore their personality in a playful way, or they aim to grow their team of co-workers, or they practice improvised theatre, their students in Romania have come to be a united and active community.

Together or separately, the two have since discovered the deep satisfaction of sharing what they know and the joy of improvising with people who, in their daily life, proceed to flourish, grow and become their best self.

Topics such as spontaneity, the capacity of being in the now, team work, emotions, challenging character work are all in their training portfolio. They do 3 or 6 hour workshops, or full programs of 2, 4 or even 10 months. They can also start from scratch with you in defining a training strategy that fits your needs, both logistically and content-wise.

Their teaching experience encompasses over 300 graduates from the Improvisneyland Improv Academy, which they are part of, and over 20 corporate clients such as Telekom, Millward Brown, British American Tobacco, Heineken etc.



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